Tarnished Copper

Tarnished Copper

Tarnished copper is a strikingly weathered finish that looks stunning in any interior style. This statement collection is available in lighting accessories such as light bulb holders, ceiling roses and cage light shades. We also have a stunning collection of designer sockets, dimmers and toggle switches. Exclusively designed to accentuate your industrially styled interiors, this hardware collection has an authentically industrial quality.

For maximum impact place these weathered copper accessories in a pure white minimalist interior. They’ll add just the right designer edge. We also love them on slate grey, deep khaki or navy walls to enhance the tones that eddy across their surface. Each of our tarnished copper accessories is hand-finished and therefore unique – you won’t find any two the same.

Our tarnished copper double socket is exclusively designed and sold online by us. We’ve made it so that the copper is left untreated - it acquires a random individually distressed finish over time. Perfect for an industrial theme. The copper itself is lovely warm shades of oranges that over time get infiltrated with violet purples and dusky blues – the more you use them, the more fabulous they look. A fascinating process to observe.

Our designer tarnished copper double socket will certainly look the part in any industrial-style interior; be that full-on raw style or modern rustic and is just perfect for finishing off an up-cycled and unfinished room. We’ve designed it that way - we despaired of ever finding well designed, high quality and edgy wall sockets that didn’t cost a small fortune. We love these!

Each copper double socket is available with a choice of white or black insert. We love white in a sleek and minimal interior where the tarnished finish can really stand out, like a miniature piece of art. Alternatively, if you have a room painted in a darker palette, then opt for the black insert to make a rebellious statement. Complete the look with coordinating switches and sockets and throw in some tarnished copper lighting accessories like bulb holders and ceiling roses to really cement your individual style and pull the look together.

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