Brushed Copper single socket


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Spinning in your office chair, you watch as the furniture, fixtures and fixings speed by in a blur of pink. Slamming your feet to the ground, you stand, clinging to the desk for stability while you readjust your vision. It’s been a long day, and you need a cuppa to refocus your mind. Feeling more chipper at the prospect of tea and some sneaky biscuits, you head across the hallway and down the stairs.

Taking your time to perfect your brew, you glance at the clock - where has today gone?. Taking a large swig of the hot liquid, you carefully carry it back to your desk. Feeling revitalised, you get to work, eager to complete your project before the end of the day.. 

Minutes zooming by, you’ve got one last job to do before the weekend, but your laptop has other ideas. A battery warning light flashes brightly, and you spring into action, yanking the handle of your desk drawer open. Fumbling through the contents, you find the charger just before all the power drains from your laptop. Sliding it into the brushed copper socket on the wall, you laugh at the sight of your frenzied expression in the reflection. That was a close call.

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This product is only suitable for countries where the mains supply is between 220 and 240 volts. If you're outside of the UK and are unsure, check the list of eligible countries below.

Brushed Copper single plug socket

  • Material:
    • steel switch plate
    • plastic back & components
  • Dimensions: H89mm x L89mm
  • Pack size: sold individually
  • Included: socket module with plate and screws
  • Product information:
    • requires minimum 35mm depth available within the back box
    • 230-250v 50Hz 13Amp double pole
    • concealed fixings
  • Usage: indoor use only
  • This product complies with UK standards and EU CE mark requirements
  • Origins: designed in the UK, components sourced from our partners in China

Here are the product instructions: