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FABRIC CABLE for LIGHTING | Imperial Purple


Imperial purple fabric cable is a bit of a royal do. A lovely rich vibrant purple this will add a regal sheen to your lighting. We think using purple fabric cable is statement enough and that it works best to hang a gorgeous vintage light bulb or with a copper light cage and vintage light bulb as a side light.

Purple fabric cabling would make a strong statement contrasted against white ceilings and walls and quite a different kind of look clashed with fresh hot pinks and oranges. Take inspiration from a certain popular chocolate bar and include imperial purple cable in a sumptuous chocolate brown décor.

Our fabric cable for lighting is priced per metre and multiple units will be sent to you in one length.

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Purple fabric cable for lighting

Purple Italian fabric cable 8 Amp, double insulated & CE certified

Our purple fabric cable for lighting is really rather regal. This rich imperial purple is perfect for adding a pop of colour into a monochromatic interior. To really accentuate this sophisticated shade, suspend a beautiful copper diamond cage light from a copper ceiling rose. For a simpler feature, keep it minimalist by showcasing a bare filament light bulb. You’re sure to make a statement with this elegant purple hue.

Our 8 amp, double insulated purple fabric cable is created from the highest quality Italian Braided fabric making it a quirky alternative to standardised white cabling. For a quirkier look contrast this vibrant purple with shocking pink and orange shades. The clash of tones will be really on trend with the current tropical brights interiors.

What you need to know about our fabric cable for lighting purple:
  • Our fabric cable for lighting is priced per metre and multiple units will be sent to you in one length
  • 3 core (also use as 2 core)
  • Insulation: double PVC
  • Amp current rating: 8amp
  • Csa Mm Sq: 0.75
  • Bend radius: 24mm
  • Weight per metre: 55g
  • Outer diameter: 7mm
  • Max load weight: 8kg
  • CE Certified
Weight .05 kg