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The Retro-industrial Bedside Lamp That Abigail Made

Posted on: 8th Mar, 2016 | By: Abigail Howard

retro-vintage bedside lamp

Hello, I’m Abigail and I’m here to answer all your Dowsing & Reynolds’ product related questions. And you guys sure keep me on my toes! But never let it be said that I don’t enjoy a challenge – there’s nothing more gratifying for me than successfully solving puzzles and sorting problems… Apart from maybe casting off the last stitches of a wee sock I’m knitting. But I digress.

You can ask me anything product related; from which of our gorgeous vintage light bulbs to use with which bulb holder, to how much fabric cable you’ll need to reach across your living room (I kid you not, I have actually been asked that on more than one occassion), to which shade of grey fabric cable will help you achieve the exact look you want. I can also help you navigate the minefield of which bulb to choose for the perfect ambiance in any room.

Today however the challenge came from within our own ranks; Lyz ,our copywriter, wanted my opinion (I just love being asked my opinion, it’s absolutely one of my favourite things ever) on how to bring light to a dark corner alcove in her bedroom. Simple you might think, but no. The nearest plug socket is six metres away, on the other side of the room. Her room’s colour pallet is tones of grey and willow; existing accents are silver chrome with some Scandi-inspired textiles. The perfect setting for a retro-industrial bedside lamp.

grey & willow bedroom interior theme

Create your own retro-industrial bedside lamp

To me this screams out for the ‘create your own light fitting’ approach. A bespoke table lamp that uses fabric lighting cable (this will happily trail around the skirting board and under the bed head to reach the bed side table), a bulb holder, cage light shade and feature light bulb. Lyz was happy with so this formed the basis of our ‘shopping list’.

vintage industrial cage lamp

Chrome light bulb holders

So now to the very exciting bit; choosing colours and finishes… Being as Lyz already has chrome accents in her room, we should continue that theme and use a silver bulb holder and cage light shade. We started our light off with a chrome e27 domed light bulb holder.

Which coloured fabric cable

Now to the fabric cable; Lyz usually wears black or grey so I was prepared for her to go for grey fabric cable – to match her colour palette as much as anything. I tentatively suggested glamour steel grey for something a little more adventurous (!), but to my incredible surprise she plumped for a highly contrasting, highly visible, zingy orange fabric lighting cable. I’m secretly so pleased. This is a look I can get behind.

A cage light shade

Now to choose a cage light shade – no retro-industrial bedside lamp is complete without a cage. We tried a diamond but that wasn’t quite cutting it for Lyz. She loves the balloon cages so we went with a forgotten silver balloon cage light shade. Now for a bulb.

Gorgeous vintage light bulbs

My personal favourite is the gorgeous globe vintage light bulb with quad loop filament – the loops complement the curves of the balloon cage light shade so well. We went for a medium bulb as being the best size for the cage.

Bits and bobs to finish off

To finish off her retro-industrial bedside lamp we obviously need a plug and being as the socket is six metres away from the light source I also recommended putting a black inline switch a metre or so away from the bulb holder. That way she doesn’t need to get out of bed to switch it off. Always good.

Here’s the finished retro-industrial bedside lamp that we created… #ProudMoment

vintage bespoke table lamp

orange fabic cable for lighting

vintage light bulb with quad loop filament

Written by: Abigail Howard

Abigail has a creative soul and is just brilliant at curating our products together… If you don’t quite know where to start with creating your own light… Abigail is the answer. Her ability to visualise what will fit with your interior is uncanny. Her encyclopaedic brain has all our products carefully catalogued; describe what you’re after and she’ll find just the thing. And her patience knows no bounds, so rest assured you’ll be 100% happy with what she recommends.