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Posted on: Nov 17, 2016 | By: Keren

Designer Switches & Sockets

Announcing our gorgeous new range of exclusive designer light switches and sockets. All designed in-house by us to perfectly complement your industrial style interior. Here I’m picking a switch or socket that I think reflects each of my colleagues!

We pride ourselves as being ‘Purveyors of Bare Bulbs & Hip Hardware’. Hopefully by now you’ve seen our fabulous selection of gorgeous vintage light bulbs, LED’s and designer bulbs. But did you know that we also have an extensive range of exclusively designed industrial light switches and plug sockets? After all, what’s the point in having a carefully crafted lighting feature without having a bit fun turning it on. We’ve got retro toggle switches, beautifully crafted dimmers and coordinating plug sockets in so many colour combinations, and finishes, that we’re sure there’s at least one choice for everyone.

Designer light switches & sockets for everyone

Light switches, plug sockets and appliance switches are an integral part of our homes, so why do we overlook them so much when decorating? That’s one reason why designed this range. Another is because we couldn’t find any decent industrial style switches for our own homes. Our (not so) secret plan is to banish ugly white plastic switches once and for all, and you can help us!

Coordinate your light switches and plug sockets with your interior design. Contrast them with your wallpaper or match to your paint colour. The combinations are limitless. You’ve really got no excuse any more! Personally, I could look at the possible options for hours… Do I want a switch that fits seamlessly into my design or one that stands out, makes a bold statement and craves attention.

With this being said, what better way to show off our collection of stunning light switches than to match them with members of our team! They’re either going to love me for this or punish me by never making me tea again. But here goes…


Smoked Gold & Black Toggle Switch

Keren (Me) is unabashedly smoked gold

It’s rather difficult to portray yourself in light switch form but I shall attempt it. I would say that I am a smoked gold and black single toggle switch… Primarily because it’s one of my favourites. For me smoked gold reminds me of my favourite era, the 1920’s. This finish is aptly named too, it has an almost scorched finish and with its swirling tones of navy, green, charcoal grey and coffee brown it makes me think of cigar and champagne fuelled prohibition parties.

The way the matt gold plate is tarnished also makes each piece unique. You could say that I am unique(ish). I’m pretty sure you won’t find another one of me… Apart from my twin sister that is, but even we have our differences. The delightfully retro black toggle detail of this switch blends beautifully with the weathered plate – I love it. If I were this switch I’d like to hang out on a moody grey wall overlooking an eclectically styled interior.


Black & Gold Triple Dimmer Switch

James goes all industrial over designer dimmer switches

James Dowsing-ReynoldsJames is our director so I have to tread carefully here. I’d say that he is a black and gold switch. Specifically, a dimmer switch… Mainly because that’s what he told me he was and I like my job too much to disagree. But I can absolutely see why he’d go for that. Our black and gold treble dimmer switch is edgy and masculine with a hint of glam… James is often spotted sporting a metallic accent or two on his designer trainers in contrast with an otherwise quite minimalist outfit. Can you get away with calling a man’s attire an outfit I wonder…

James loves anything industrial, has an eye for detail and is like a magpie after edgy designs with gold accents – and if it involves a bit knurling to boot, well he’s in rapture. The sleek matt black plate of this particular switch provides the ideal backdrop to the three polished brass, gold-effect knobs. And these are beautiful knobs, if only you knew the hours James spent on getting the knurling pattern just right. He’s a dimmer switch because he has to be in control. And a dimmer lets you adjust your bulbs to set the ambiance of your room with precision.


Tarnished Copper Socket with USB Port



Ally’s getting tough on grungy double plug sockets

Ally Dowsing-ReynoldsAlly is our resident fashionista. She’s super-cool. A well-known blogger, she has her finger well and truly on the pulse of up and coming trends. Her style is tough and edgy with a definite bias towards grunge… But there’s also a little glam accent thrown in here and there for good measure. She’s all about the unexpected: designer shoes contrasted with high-street denim. She has a nose piercing, but it’s a diamond stud. She has a bob haircut, but wears it casually ‘undone’. Her make-up is perfect, but hardly there. She often wears trainers, but usually with a wedged heel. She’s a fan of designer handbags, especially when they have studs. How does she pull it off so effortlessly?

So for Ally, I’m actually going to go for one of our sockets; a tarnished copper and black double plug socket with USB port. Tarnished copper because each piece is unique. The warm colours of deepest oranges shot with violet purples and turquoises are mesmerising. However, it’s still a tough, industrial looking socket. The matt copper is distressed and rugged but in contrast the black socket surrounds and switches are sensible and practical. What’s more, the USB charger port is exceedingly useful. How many times do you have to unplug something just to charge your phone. Not any more. So, Ally is a tarnished copper USB double plug socket because she loves things that not everybody else has and she’s attracted to anything that looks amazing yet is ultimately practical.


White & Black Toggle Switch

Tony’s simply an uncomplicated retro toggle switch

tony-green2Tony claims that he’s a white and black toggle switch. Simple and uncomplicated with a quirky retro twist – his words not mine and who am I to disagree. Tony’s known in the office for his terribly archaic dad jokes which worryingly we all find hilarious. He likes to speak his mind and keeps us all thoroughly entertained with his anecdotes. I’m a little surprised at his choice to be honest, this toggle switch is a minimalist, high contrast affair and Tony’s personal style seems to be softer than that. A tone on tone look usually of blues and burgundy with the odd red accent.

So for this to work for Tony, it would have to be placed on a white wall in a relaxed modern rustic interior. Perfect for matching to a white enamel light shade hung from the ceiling with some lovely fabric cable. Clean, simple and stylish. A toggle switch that ultimately looks great anywhere from a contemporary open plan living space to a warehouse style apartment… much like Tony who gets along with every one!


Gold & Black Quadruple Toggle Switch

Liz goes for gold with black toggles

liz-rogersLiz is definitely a gold and black toggle switch kind of lady. Surprised? Well on the surface she appears reserved, highly organised and exacting. Doing everything by the book to ensure that you, our customers, receive your orders on time, every time. But alas, she too has a dark side (sensing a pattern here with the D&R team). On a weekend Liz lets her hair loose; donning her leathers to escape the confines of the city for exhilarating thrills down country lanes on the back of her husband’s Ducatti. I kid you not.

It’s because of this unexpected rebellious streak that I have classified Liz as a gold and black switch. The brushed brass, gold-effect plate of this industrial switch is a sophisticated and timeless classic that goes with a whole host of interior styles from vintage to contemporary. But check out its cool, black toggle switch – a surprising little maverick detail to catapult brass straight into the 21st century. We love to discover these unexpected hidden gems of contrast in our colleagues, and to incorporate them into our products.



Black Dimmer Switch with Knurled Knob

Lyz’s back in black with a designer dimmer

lyz-cordon2This didn’t take any thinking about at all. Ask anyone in the office and they will give you the same response; Lyz is all about black on black. In fact it’s always a little bit of a shock when other colours creep into her wardrobe palette. But don’t get me wrong, Lyz is no Goth. Her style is just minimalist; simple shapes and simple lines – albeit in contrasting textures of black. Which makes our black on black single designer dimmer switch the perfect choice.

The unassuming matt black plate with glossy black dimmer detailing is perfectly simple but oh so chic. It’s all in the contrasting finishes. Of all our designer light switches & sockets, I again went for a dimmer for Lyz, as like James, she’s always in control, and a dimmer light switch is the ideal way to stamp your style on a room whilst being able to get your lighting level exactly right. Lights up on full beam for preparing the meal and then turned down low to create a relaxing ambiance for convivial chatter whilst eating with friends. Such a stylish way to turn your industrial ceiling lights on and off and black literally goes with any colour and style. However, I think this luxe switch is just right for a modern minimalist interior with monochrome walls – be that feature wallpaper or chalky matt paint. A place where this understated light switch will stand out for all the right reasons.


Black & White Plug Socket

Abigail turns plug sockets on their head

abigail howardShall I compare thee to a black and white plug socket? Sounds odd I know but bear with me… If you’re ever to encounter an Abigail out and about, you’re sure to be fascinated by her quirky nature. She is self admittedly ‘old before her time’ and literally surprises us every week with her crafty abilities and latest hobbies. She can pretty much do anything with a bit of yarn from crocheting light bulbs to knitting very cute animals. And her hobbies extend from the very practical making her own vintage style clothes to the rather surprising Morris dancing and the latest, Whisky tasting.

These quirky hidden depths to her personality are exactly why she is a black and white plug socket. It’s totally on its head; black where it should be white, and white where it should be black. But not in any obvious way. The beauty of plug sockets is that they’re not initially overly obvious. You only notice them when you need to use them – as a rule anyway. And that’s what we love about Abigail, she’s not obvious but when you get to know her she’s very interesting and I guarantee unlike anyone else you know. A bit like a topsy-turvy monochrome socket switch that you haven’t come across before.


Tarnished Copper Switch with Two Silver Toggles


Danielle rebels against white plastic light switches

danni stokerHmmmmm…this is a difficult one. I would say that Danni is a tarnished copper and silver dimmer switch (actually she told me to say this…I think she’s trying to challenge my abilities). However, if you look closely at what Danni wears day to day, her outfit always includes a retro accent. Her sunglasses have a distinctly vintage feel about them, her hair is often swept up into a 50s style ponytail and she favours the classic Audrey Hepburn style 3/4 length black trousers. But never one to conform, she wears them with salmon pink Converse Pumps and a Disney t-shirt! And for this reason I’m going to disagree, and pair her with our tarnished copper and silver double toggle switch.

Basically tarnished copper is one of the team’s favourite finishes. It’s a combination of everything we love and stand for. An authentically industrial weathered copper plate with two polished silver toggles that makes for a completely unique mix of vintage and contemporary style. Just like Danni herself. The silver toggle detail complements the swirling iridescent copper tones beautifully and cements this switch as a staple for any home desiring an industrial twist. Like Danni, this switch is unique. She’s a lover of all things design and I recognise an inner rebel in her. Demure Danni is secretly all about rebelling against the system, and that’s exactly what tarnished copper represents.


Designer Cooker Switch 45amp Brushed Steel

Luke gets practical with designer cooker switches

LukeLuke is a no-nonsense kind of guy. He’s not about fuss and fanfare and certainly favours function over style any day of the week. Having said that… Like the rest of us would definitely rather look at a beautifully designed switch than an ugly cheap one. For this reason I’ve matched Luke with a silver and white 45amp cooker switch. Utilitarian it is, but at the same time we’ve given as much attention to crafting this as to any of our other designer light switches & sockets. Its looks mean you could be mistaken for thinking it had been reclaimed and up-cycled from a commercial kitchen. Stainless steel being the choice of the pros.

The silver back plate is the very epitome of industrial style, being plated in a brushed steel finish. The on/off switch itself is plain, high quality white plastic. This is a very stylish way to wire up your electric oven or induction hob and just goes to show that not everything functional has to be badly designed. This is a minimalist switch that would work in any contemporary kitchen. Match it up with other silver and white switches and plug sockets to finish off your look. A look any professional chef would be proud of.


White Double Dimmer Switch with Gold Knobs

Beccy flashes her opulent side with a gold dimmer

BeccyI shall compare Beccy to a white and gold double dimmer switch – a minimalist switch with a sophisticated twist. Beccy is a straight to the point kind of girl… This is why we get on. This sleek white switch is somehow both unassuming and able to make an impact at the same time. It’s ultimately a thoroughly contemporary take on the ubiquitous white plastic light switch. But our wholly redesigned and updated version is altogether more stylish. It has a neat, streamlined look with hidden fittings making it the perfect switch for a minimalist interior.

And Beccy is all about minimalism. She detests clutter and is possibly the most organised person I know. But not many people know that she has a hidden side that loves opulence and excess. We have spent many an enjoyable evening together dining on the finest delicacies a student budget can buy… Usually cheese! This decadence is reflected in the two gold knurled dimmer knobs which contrast beautifully against the satin white back plate. A light switch to bring just a touch of luxury to your rooms. So cool in an all-white room placed on a white wall. Even better of you were to use it to turn a white enamel pendant light on and off…

Get in on the action…

Our designer light switches & sockets are proving popular with those in the know… They’ve been featured in My Warehouse Home and Elle Decoration – what better accolade!

Designer Light Switches in Elle Decoration

Show us yours…

I hope you’ve enjoyed my round-up of some of our favourite designer light switches & sockets and that I’ve inspired you to banish white plastic switches from your home for good. I’ve certainly had fun doing it. We’re always keen to see how you’re using our products so tag us in your instagram pics.

Written by: Keren

Keren loves tea, tattoos, Jonny Depp, dinosaurs and all things Gothic. An eclectic mix of interests we think you'll agree, but she fits right in here! Keren is part of our ever expanding marketing team and supports Lyz in all things copy related. When she's not here, she's writing about complicated things we politely ask about but don't really understand: aka her dissertation.

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