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Guide: 20 Home Office Design Ideas that Inspire Creativity

Minimalist, maximalist or organised – there are endless home office design ideas out there and the room at the front of the house has been waiting for months. Having batted off various suggestions for the room’s purpose, it’s time to claim this space as your own. 

But where to begin?

With your daily commute just down the hall, switching between home to work can be challenging. A good tip is to give your home office a slight point of difference from other areas of the house. The vintage radio that doesn’t work with the kitchen colour palette? Try putting it in your home office… By making the room feel different, you’ll find it easier to keep work and home separate. It’s a chance for you to express your personality and make it your own.

Image courtesy of @edwinaboase

Whether you draw inspiration from bold colours, love playing with patterns or have a home for every pen and pencil, let our top interior design ideas spark creativity. Immerse yourself in captivating lighting features, tactile textures and energising plants to create a space you love.

We have everything you need to transform your once-neglected room into a dedicated office that is both functional and stylish. 

Home office design ideas for every style: Create a space that inspires

Firing up your computer, you pour piping hot coffee into a ceramic mug and settle down for the day. Rubbing your eyes, you take a sip and open a fresh page in your notebook.

Gazing through the window behind your desk, you watch silently as dense grey clouds cloak the sky. Flicking on the table lamp, you marvel at your patterned wallpaper, brought to your attention by the gentle glow. After hours of scrolling you finally found a print inspired by the palm-lined boulevards of Beverly Hills, complete with pastel pink and luscious green shades that make your heart soar. 

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Whether you have a dedicated office room or spare corner will determine the scope of your design. If you’re limited in space, select compact furniture pieces that are multifunctional.  
  • If the room doesn’t have a lot of natural light, consider adding semi-flush ceiling lights
  • The colour scheme will dictate the overall feeling of the space. Calming blue and green tones are great for focused concentration while brighter yellows and oranges stimulate the senses. Or, keep it simple with muted, earthy tones.
  • Working from home can take its toll on your well-being, especially if you spend long hours at the computer. An adjustable or standing desk can help to combat restlessness – as well as a selection of revitalising greenery, of course.

Hygge haven

Embrace the simplicity of Scandinavian design by opting for a neutral colour palette and light wood furniture. Keep the space as open as possible, with uncluttered surfaces and built-in storage, then layer with chunky throws, wool rugs and potted plants to add texture and cosiness.

Create a serene environment with soft, diffused lighting, where you can sink into your supple leather desk chair and enjoy a morning brew before starting your day.

Urban edge 

An industrial-inspired aesthetic has an effortlessly cool air to it. Functional without being boring, it’s all about clean lines, unrefined textures and repurposed materials where bare-bulb pendant lighting slots right in. 

Finish with brushed metal hardware like silver light switches or gold cupboard handles to bring the space to life.

A pop of colour

If you’re working with white furniture, adding colourful accents can really invigorate the space and introduce a contemporary feel.  

This can be as simple as colourful desk organisers or as elaborate as a painted feature wall in a vibrant hue. Choose a complementary colour scheme or play with contrasting shades – and if you’re unsure which colour to go for, take a look inside your wardrobe. If you love to wear it, it’s likely you’ll love being around it in your home.

Image courtesy of @nospacelikehome.uk

At one with nature

There’s nothing like a walk in nature to clear your mind, and you can replicate the feeling by choosing soft green shades, which serve as the perfect backdrop for botanical artwork and hanging planters.

A top tip is to create framed prints out of intricate leaf designs or floral motifs – that way, you can introduce pattern without overpowering the room. If you’re looking for something more realistic, have a look at our preserved moss panels. Frame just the one, or create a full living wall with all the benefits of nature and none of the maintenance. 

Monochromatic moment

Sleek and sophisticated, a dove-grey wall sits behind a desk of the deepest charcoal, with a selection of black and white photographs propped neatly on the darkened wood. 

Enhance monochromatic design by layering a neutral space with a spectrum of black and white shades. Try starting with a white base, then bring in some warmer grey tones with textured accessories to add depth to the palette.

Calling all coffee lovers

A tired yawn and blurry eyes can mean only one thing – it’s time for a refill. You stretch your arms and grab your empty mug, ready for your next dose of caffeine. 

Adding a coffee bar to your home office is a great idea for moments when you need a quick break.

If you’re an avid DIYer, you could even build one from an old cabinet. Experiment with a gently spiced paint shade, styled with all the essentials, from an espresso machine, to one-of-a-kind mugs and flavoured syrups. You’ll also need a plug socket or two…

Our exclusive café culture collection is the perfect pairing, with heavenly shades of Whipped Cream, Cinnamon and Caramel Latte that transport you to your favourite coffee shop on a rainy Sunday morning. 

Image courtesy of @charlotteilford

Cosy corner

Not all of us will have a dedicated home office room, but even if it’s carving out a corner of the dining room, you can still create a space that helps you transition from breakfast to work with ease. 

By opting for a smaller desk and savvy storage options, such as shelving or baskets, you can repurpose an area of your home without disrupting the functionality of the existing room. Make the most of the vertical wall space by displaying visionary boards or daily to-do lists. 

“Try zoning off areas using different paint colours. For example, having a green arch on your wall that’s the width of your work-from-home desk will help this space feel like a separate section, whilst still being in the same room.” – Connor Prestwood, Interior Design Specialist

A slender floor lamp provides focused illumination when needed – ideal for gloomy winter afternoons. 

Bright and breezy

The box room down the hall has been your home office for the last few months, and after making a few small tweaks, you’ve turned it into your dream workspace.

With a coat of fresh white paint for the walls and some new sheer curtains, the natural light from the side window now floods the room, giving it an airy quality.

Smaller spaces call for simplicity – you don’t want to crowd the room with bulky furniture and unnecessary nick-nacks. The subtle sheen of a mirror propped in the corner and the scented vase of lavender that you picked yesterday are all the accessories you need. 

When it comes to small home office ideas, less is more.

A desk with a view

The feng shui of your home office will have a positive impact on your productivity, and if you’re lucky enough to have a room overlooking luscious greenery, why not make the most of it? 

Position your desk in front of the window and bask in the natural light as it streams into the space. You’ll feel your energy levels instantly lifted. From there, maximise the view by centring larger furniture pieces around this focal point, whether that’s an armchair or a bookshelf. 

Consider adding a desk lamp for darker winter mornings or opt for a dimmable overhead light to adjust the brightness when needed.

Laid-back textures

Leaning back in your chair, you spot the macrame wall hanging, its flowing fringe swaying delicately in the gentle breeze from your open window. Your office space is a true reflection of your free-spirited personality.

Adding pillows and throws in a variety of fabrics will bring your office space to life, creating vibrant explosions of colour. To help you retain focus, try investing in a diffuser with a variety of essential oils – when paired with preserved flowers and some luscious green foliage, you’ll feel all the wellbeing benefits, whilst getting your work done.

Vintage charm

Picture a beautifully weathered wooden desk with vintage paintings and portraits lining the walls…

The antique brass hardware blends perfectly with your décor, paired with stationery holders and recently-polished photo frames. A typewriter sits patiently in front of your chair – you use a laptop, but it adds a touch of nostalgia to the office. 

Finish your vintage-inspired space with a magazine rack to keep all your papers neat and tidy. 

Multifunctional workspace 

Flexible working is here to stay and, for some, the heart of the home is the best place to boost productivity. Although the kitchen table can conveniently double up as a desk, it’s important to switch off at the end of the day.

Whether it’s a comfy stool and a built-in desk that can be integrated into your cabinetry, a space under the stairs, or even a walk-in wardrobe, there are plenty of clever solutions.

With a bit of know-how, even a pull-out shelf can become a home office…

To maintain a sense of cohesion in the space, incorporate colours that harmonise with your existing décor. From there, you can play with decorative elements that uplift your workspace. 

Cut the clutter

An alternative take on minimalism, Japandi design principles incorporate a love for order with a balanced aesthetic. Empty space is just as important as the objects within it. 

Soft earth tones allow light to flow uninterrupted through the space. A low-profile desk is complete with discreet storage solutions and an adjustable desk lamp for task lighting. Clean and uncluttered surfaces invite a welcome wave of inspiration. Everything about this room is mindful, with accessories kept to a minimum. 

You’re making me blush

Subdued blush pinks or pastel shades with lilac undertones can add a touch of elegance to your home office, without being overbearing. Think Parisian boudoirs overlooking cobbled streets and bakeries with buttery croissants and bitter coffee. 

Dainty floral patterns paired with office furniture in a soft cream shade tie the look together, with a gilded mirror set above the restored fireplace and metallic accents in gold to add an air of old-world enchantment.  

Patterned accent wall

Although an office is a place to work, it doesn’t have to be dull…

Home office decorating ideas don’t have to focus on accessories – you can go bolder if you want to. 

An eye-catching wall feature is really simple to achieve. By choosing wallpaper that complements your wider colour scheme, you can create a point of visual interest that will set your imagination wild. For open-plan spaces, it’s a great way to distinguish between different zones – it’s also a handy fix for hiding uneven or cracked walls.

From geometric and floral prints to textured designs that add depth to any space, we have a wide range of wallpapers to explore. 

Image courtesy of Amazing Productions

The design is in the detail

Attention to detail can take any room from a blank canvas to a curated space where creativity flourishes. 

The same applies to your home office…

A desk with intricately carved legs and brass accents. The undulating, almost hypnotic, patterns on the wallpaper. Books with tea-stained edges and lightly folded corners. The way the light from your new desk lamp dances across the walls. 

Every element tells a story. 

So, whether it’s a personal momento or a unique lampshade, your finishing touches make all the difference. 

Floating shelves

Simple but practical.

In any home office space, however large or small, floating shelves are ideal for storing all the essentials. Plus, with their open design, they double up as beautifully displays for your most treasured nick-nacks.

small white floating shelf on black background

Having added the finishing touches, you stand back and admire your handiwork. Books are piled on top of each other in an ordered fashion, along with files and framed photos from last year’s summer holiday. Succulents of every variety add calming hints of green, in between chunky candles of citrus and bergamot notes. 

An abundance of books

These days, your book collection resembles more of a personal library. The walls are lined from floor to ceiling with every genre imaginable – from classic literary works to fascinating autobiographies. The coffee table is stacked high with stories that are nearly finished and novels still waiting to be explored, whilst a dainty chandelier casts a gentle glow from above.

If you’re picturing a study from days gone by, then why not opt for a sturdy oak desk and a comfortable wingback chair. For a more contemporary style, clean white bookcases will make a feature out of the colourful spines. Complete with accent pillows and abstract artwork to bring the look together.

Elevate your home office space with Dowsing & Reynolds

Whether you’re revamping your current workspace, starting from scratch, or in need of a few finishing touches, explore our inspiring selection of quality home décor products today.  

Discover lighting options for every space, one-of-a-kind hardware, beautiful faux foliage and more. 

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