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Decorative Scandinavian Lighting for Cosy Interiors

Wrapping the thick blanket around your shoulders, you sink further into the sofa and turn on your new Scandi lighting. The space is illuminated with a soft glow – perfect for cosying up on a gloomy evening. 

Taking a deep breath, you reach for your hot chocolate, the warm mug bringing an instant feeling of comfort as you wrap your fingers around the surface. Delicious wafts of cocoa melt into the scents of winter spice and vanilla from candles burning in the corner. Sipping slowly, you hear the faint sound of rain pattering against the window – there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

Inspired by the stylish simplicity of Scandinavian design, you knew you wanted to create an inviting space with modern lighting features and earthy tones – a room where you could unwind after work or laze around on a Sunday morning. 

Let our expert advice and Scandi lighting ideas transform your interior. Discover a selection of quality designs that fit seamlessly into any Scandinavian-inspired home, as well as some top tips and tricks for styling your space.

Create a cosy ambience with Scandi lighting

Absent-mindedly, you turn the ceiling light off, leaving only the floor and table lamps on. A sense of calm falls over the space. Glancing around the room, you notice that the taupe-coloured walls have taken on a warmer hue in the ambient glow, contrasting the vibrant greenery of your growing plant collection. 

Woven rugs add warmth to the wooden flooring – an extra layer of comfort. Sinking your toes into the soft fibres, you grab another throw from the wicker basket. Candles crackle gently, creating a restful atmosphere reminiscent of a Nordic cabin surrounded by woodland. Realising how heavy your eyelids feel, you begin to doze off.

Image courtesy of @haswellhouse

How to hygge your home

Lighting has the power to transform the mood in any space. Scandinavian design is deeply influenced by light – from the convenience of focused task lighting to natural light or the addition of candles. 

Tying into the concept of hygge, Scandi design focuses on promoting well-being and embracing the present moment. Picture a comfy reading nook, complete with plenty of cushions, chunky knitted textures, and a standing lamp. 

Image courtesy of @twentyfourcentral

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Go for light bulb types with a warm colour temperature (around 2700-3000 K)
  • Create a layered effect with a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting
  • Interior wall paint in light or neutral colours will help to maximise the natural light, especially in smaller rooms
  • For a more contemporary Scandi-inspired look, opt for large sculptural shapes and stand-alone lighting features

Create layers and have multiple light sources throughout the space that you can control on dimmer switches.

Ally Dowsing-Reynolds, Co-Founder & CEO

Scandi kitchen lighting: A welcoming and functional space in the heart of your home

Whether you’re making morning coffee through sleepy yawns or hosting a dinner party, good kitchen lighting is essential.

Scandi-style lighting celebrates both practicality and comfort. While spotlights work well for task lighting over kitchen islands, they sometimes lack character. Try switching them for a low-hanging multi-pendant light – it’ll provide the same focused illumination that comes in handy for everyday activities, with more design options to create a focal point in the room that draws the eye and ignites conversation. 

Style tip: Suspended lights at low levels will help to define a particular zone, great for open-plan kitchens that double as dining rooms.

Product pick: The Black Multi-Pendant Baton Light is the ultimate accessory, allowing you to adjust the level of your lighting feature to your preference.

Scandi bedroom lighting: Perfect for restful nights and peaceful mornings

There’s no better feeling than retreating to your bedroom after a long day. Getting ready for bed, you set the mood, throwing extra blankets across the duvet before plumping the pillows and lighting the candles. Reaching for the switch behind a pile of books, you turn on the lamp, smiling as a pool of light envelops your bedside table.

Adding multiple warm-glow light features in your bedroom will help to create a calming atmosphere. To enhance the hygge-like effect, consider switching standard light bulbs for LED versions like our opal LED bulbs that diffuse light beautifully.

Style tip: Be playful with the placement of your table lamps. Filling extra space on bookshelves or positioning lights on low stools will achieve a layered effect, creating interest with different levels.

Product pick: Effortlessly elegant, our Chrome Waldorf Pebble Lamp combines natural materials with a modern, tripod base design

Consider texture when designing a scandi-inspired space – think leather handles that patina over time, natural wooden accents and luscious faux foliage.

Connor Prestwood, Interior Design Expert

Scandi living room lighting: A haven for relaxation and catching up with friends

For Scandinavians, the living room is a space where comfort meets design. Sofas are well-loved, and coffee tables play host to steaming mugs and vases of preserved flower arrangements.

Standing by the door, you turn the single dimmer switch and focus on the room’s layout. The position of each furniture piece is carefully considered, with accent chairs and armchairs creating points of intrigue while serving as extra seating options for guests. 

Bay windows let in plenty of daylight and, to give your living room an airy feel, you chose a colour palette of creams and beiges. To add extra light to dark corners, you decided to go for peg wall lamps – impactful and convenient.

Style tip: Contemporary Scandinavian lighting features curved shapes and organic textures. A decorative light shade is an easy way to turn your overhead lighting into a focal point.

Product pick: When styled with a warm-toned bulb, the Umage Clava Dine light shade casts a mesmerising pattern of shapes and shadows on the walls. 

Show us your Scandinavian-inspired interiors

We’d love to see how you’ve used our lighting to create a cosy home. Tag @dowsingandreynolds on Instagram – we can’t wait to see your ideas!

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