Lighting: ceiling, wall, table, floor and animals

Lighting is tricky to get right. But when you nail it, your home will feel so much more harmonious. You’ll have just the right light, in just the right place at just the right time. Ridiculously pleasing. 

There’s the serious stuff: ceiling pendant lights, wall sconces, table lamps and floor lamps but you can also have a bit of fun with animal lamps too. They add playfulness to your home and they’re guaranteed to raise a smile even on the greyest of days. 

Your main ‘big’ light is the one that makes the visual statement, but weirdly, it’s the light that gets turned on the least. Usually, only when you’ve lost something! Ceiling lights come in literally all shapes, sizes and materials. We’ve got wood, metal, feather and glass to reel off a few. Some are beautifully geometric flower shapes, others a cloud of feathers, and we have a range of chandeliers featuring an abundance of glass bubbles. THE most delightful feature ceiling light you ever saw. It all comes down to your personal preference.

Table lamps and floor lamps are the best when dotted around – you likely want three or four per room. Deciding where to put these is easy. Think about the things you to do in the different areas of your room. If you have a favourite reading spot, then perhaps a floor lamp casting a relaxing downward glow would be good. If you work from a corner of your lounge, then you’re looking at a table lamp that will focus light onto the task in hand. In the bedroom consider hanging smaller pendant lights from the ceiling either side of your bed to free up surface space and keep things tidy. Wall lights are also a great choice for this.

Whatever lights you choose, we wholeheartedly recommend using dimmer switches to control the ambience of your space. It makes it much more versatile and perfect for multi-use areas. 

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