Leather Cuff Lights

Well these are a bit different, aren’t they? Lights made of leather. But how wonderful and unexpected. This leather cuff light collection is designed to help you easily bring alternative textures into your home.

We’re used to seeing leather chairs and sofas… But if your furnishing is literally all ‘soft’ then adding some leather table lamps gives instant contrast and makes your space look more interesting. The whole range comes with a choice of metal stud colours so you can tie them in with the other metallic accents you already have. Just another level of detail that adds to the overall finish of your room.

Leather cuff lights are quite different and so add little focal points to your space. Talking points if you like. Use the table lamps next to a soft and squishy sofa to make each stand out. Hang two ceiling pendants in your bedroom, one either side of the bed… They look amazing alongside plain linen bedding.

Crafted from vegetable-tanned leather in a choice of dark tan, light tan and black, each is secured with knurled solid brass studs. Although brass, the studs do come in a choice of finishes so you can tie them in with other accents in your room.

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