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Your kitchen island, or breakfast bar, calls for lighting that fits your exact space and is practical for your and your family’s needs. In a nutshell, kitchen island lights are usually just standard pendant lights, but you buy a few of them and space them across your island. We recommend always opting for an odd number – much more pleasing to the eye! But first, it’s good to consider how you use the space.

Kitchen islands are the go-to for sitting and having a brew, flicking through a magazine or having a good natter over a glass of wine, which means illuminating them to cover all sorts of activities, is essential. No one enjoys chopping and slicing on a dimly lit island countertop.

Regarding kitchen island lighting, pendants are likely your best option. Available in all shapes, styles and finishes, they’re perfect for lighting up your space. But how do you get it right?

Long kitchen islands or breakfast bars call for statement pendant lights that run the countertop length, sectioning your social space from the rest of the kitchen. Suspended low, a row of pendant lights adds drama and ambience, transforming your island into a functional space where you can do work, play games or prepare dinner. Come evening time, turn your breakfast bar lighting down low using a dimmer switch to transform your space into an intimate spot to cook a romantic meal.

Smaller kitchen islands or square islands call for practical single pendant lights that beam down onto the counter, illuminating mealtimes and making it easier to do homework and other activities. Wanting something more impactful? A chandelier or cluster pendant illuminates the island to perfection and looks impressive simultaneously—a fantastic option for when you want to wow your dinner guests. 

Pendant lighting for kitchen island sorted – next, browse our beautiful collection of switches and sockets – there’s something for every style and personality with a fantastic variety of finishes, from off-white to smoked gold.