Raw Materials – the Trend that Keeps on Going

When it comes to interiors there’s nothing I like more (apart from shopping for my favourite piece) is to discover the upcoming trends for the season ahead. I love discovering new patterns and colours, not to mention what the textures are going to be. Plus it gives me lots of time to save for my next purchase, just don’t tell the other half!

One trend in particular that caught my eye this year is the ‘weathered’ or ‘raw materials’ trend. Each forecasting company gives this theme a different name, but essentially they all draw from the same inspiration; raw materials. This mesmerising trend focuses on raw, natural materials and how their surroundings have affected them. Unrefined beauty I once saw it described as, and I couldn’t have put it better myself. Continue reading

Being Bold with Black and Gold

gold and black lighting accessories

Sam Sparro’s lyrics for Black and Gold have probably sprung into your head right about now:

‘Cause if you’re not really there
I don’t wanna be either
I wanna be, next to you
Black and gold, black and gold, black and gold

…Well they certainly have now. But I digress, I’m talking interior décor here. I briefly mentioned Black and Gold as a trend for Autumn Winter in a previous post and to be honest, these colours are still going strong despite us moving into Spring Summer. I think you’ll agree that two colours have never looked so luxurious together. The chicest of colours, gold instantly glams up anything it touches from toecaps on a pair of black suede boots, to gold nail varnish with an all-black outfit, to a gold light fitting in a dark and moody interior like this absolutely stunning Vita Black & Gold light shade… Well what did you expect really, we’re all about lighting after all?!

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Key home interiors trends for Autumn Winter 2015/16

Ted Baker Shadow Floral Rug

With the current changing of seasons we thought we’d do a quick round-up of the predicted home interiors trends for autumn winter 2015/16… And get to work updating our homes accordingly!

We think you’ll agree that the weather has most definitely turned. Dropping temperatures would indicate that we are tail-spinning towards autumn… And winter. We don’t know about you, but our flip-flops and white jeans have been officially retired to under-bed storage for another year.

So, following on from the bright, positive and upbeat colours and tropical patterns of spring and summer, what exactly can we expect from home interiors trends for autumn winter 2015/16? Continue reading

Vintage Naturalist: Create your own on-trend vintage light

vintage naturalist light

Being as we are a company of vintage lovers we couldn’t help but be intrigued by an interiors trend dubbed ‘Vintage Naturalist’. It quite sparked our imaginations and I decided to investigate further.

We’ve seen the trend for digital prints of large old-fashioned blooms like chrysanthemums, peonies and roses continue through summer into autumn and winter. However, although vintage naturalist is clearly inspired by nature, it has a whole different vibe to digital print opulent booms.

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Navy Blue: How to use the colour in your own home

navy blue style guide

I’m loving navy blue right now. Gorgeous inky versions of navy…maybe it’s my love of Abigail Ahern’s interior style which gives me my lust for this colour? I’m finding I’m quite drawn to it fashion-wise as well. I wear black a lot (amongst greys, whites and brighter pops of colour), but I’m particularly loving a good navy piece right now – softer on the skin, less harsh. This navy blue style guide shows you how to incorporate navy blue into your home.

My Pinterest wanderings are of lots of lovely navy – I’ve been seeing loads of photos featuring fabulous navy interiors: rooms painted different tones of dark blue and light navy, navy contrasted with white and navy as a backdrop to copper accessories.

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Marsala – the rich red-brown colour having a renaissance

enamel shades on marsala background

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that Marsala is Pantone’s colour of the year 2015 – Pantone describes Marsala as… “A naturally robust and earthy red wine, Marsala enriches out minds, bodies and souls”. Well the colour might enrich, but we’re not sure about the wine itself!

We think the colour Pantone Marsala is more like a good burgundy wine that’s had a splash of cream added to just soften it around the edges and take away some of its rich intensity. It’s an indulgent, rich tone with red-brown undertones and the dilution just distances it from black, to make it distinguishable in its own right.

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A Greek Blue Odyssey

Greek Blue Lighting

OK maybe not an odyssey but it had a certain ring to it.. more of a quick look at this summer’s Greek Blue interior trend. Specifically how can you use blue lighting accessories to keep your holiday memories alive…

Greek blue immediately conjures up a panoramic view of Cobalt blue Ocean, azure blue sky, topaz swimming pools and of course the ubiquitous white-washed buildings with Greek blue doors, window shutters and even the odd dome. Continue reading

Bringing The Outside In

Bringing the Outside in

I used to manage garden centres in years gone by and we talked a lot about “bringing the outside in”. In fact, I still do talk about it a lot! It means to make your interior feel open, green and basically feel a little like you’re outside…but without getting rained on!

Bloggers and interiors magazines have been featuring lots of botanicals, plants and blooms lately. If you haven’t seen the great work of the Urban Jungle Bloggers definitely check them out. They run a monthly series featuring styling ideas, DIYs, and green tips & tricks.

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Totally Tropical Trend for Interiors

tropical trend fabric lighting cable

With temperatures mostly staying warm (well, apart from when it’s raining!) the tropical trend is happening right now in the UK. It’s all about exotic tropical colours and motifs this summer. You only have to look around clothing stores to see a myriad of hot and vibrant colours on display. Ted Baker for one, has an entire range featuring a print called ‘Tropical Toucan’. And whilst this tropical trend has been around for a little while, it really seems to be gaining momentum on the high street now – so we’ve put together our own Tropical Bright collection to inspire you.

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