Sockets and Switches

Our sockets and switches are available in a range of exclusive colours and metal finishes.  Classic finishes include gold-coloured brass plug sockets and light switches, which make any room feel luxe. The slightly more familiar silver plug sockets and switches are undoubtedly our most aesthetically versatile options. And two special-effect finishes exclusive to us: smoked gold and tarnished copper, make a unique statement. What’s more, we’ve covered most eventualities in terms of the electric switch/socket cover combos you’re likely to need: the kitchen included.

Light switch-wise, we’ve got dimmers, toggles and rockers in everything from single to quadruple configurations. If you have a monochromatic room decorated in timeless black and white, our wide range of matte black light switches will add a subtly beautiful finishing touch. Some of these options can be a little tricky to get to grips with, so if you have any questions, have a read of our FAQs page where we talk about leading-edge versus standard and other such things that have the potential to confuse you.

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