Taps & Showers

Deliberating over tiles, sticking up paint colour swatches and mood boarding flooring ideas, you’ve got everything picked out. All that’s left is to decide on some beautiful taps and a shower before you start the kitchen and bathroom overhaul. 

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Colour, size and style are just a few of the things to consider when renovating your space, as well as whether you want surface or wall-mounted taps and if you need a handheld shower as well as a rainfall head? Creating your dream kitchen or boutique hotel-style bathroom needn’t be a nightmare with a bit of planning – it all comes down to how you use the space and how you’d like it to make you feel…

First things first, grab a cuppa, take a seat and think. Make a list of what you do and don’t want before taking time to explore and play with your current fixtures—this will help you decide what you love about your existing taps and shower. The features you want to keep in the updated versions and things that drive you nuts, so you want to avoid.

Bathroom taps

Bathroom taps come in all shapes, sizes and colours. If you have a small bathroom or downstairs cloakroom, then you might want to explore the idea of having a wall-mounted tap, leaving you much more space for bathroom nick-nacks. A standalone bathtub might also benefit from a wall-mounted tap. They look more elegant and create less clutter. Bathroom basin taps are a fantastic choice for larger bathrooms or where you want to make more of a feature out of your tap.

Once you’ve got the practicalities narrowed down, you can start on aesthetics. Do you want your fixtures to blend into the background or make a bold statement? Would you like your taps and shower to be the same finish as other metallic accents in the room? It may seem like many things to consider, but narrowing down your options makes choosing the right tap for you a much easier and enjoyable decision.

Bathroom showers

Showers are very personal things and depend on the space you have in the bathroom and how you like to take a shower. Our modular rainfall showers are pretty versatile, with options to suit most requirements. Available in either non-thermostatic or thermostatic, you can choose whether you want the showerhead itself to be wall-mounted or fasten to the ceiling. You can add a handheld shower for ultimate adaptability. Again, explore your bathroom, and think about it. Once you’ve decided what you need, the rest should be easy.

Kitchen taps

Are you upgrading your kitchen tap? Follow the same principles as before by investigating what’s best for your room and find something that fits your needs. Would it save you time if you had a boiling water tap instead of a kettle? Would you prefer if the tap matched your kitchen door handles for a uniform and considered look? Whatever you decide, do check out our coordinating bottle traps and wastes, too, to level up your sink game.

While you’re revamping your kitchens and bathrooms, why not upgrade your kitchen handles and bathroom accessories simultaneously? We have a wide array of fabulous kitchen door handles and knobs to complement your kitchen taps, as well as toilet roll holders and towel rails, in a range of colours to finish off your bathroom to perfection.